Dealership financing offers a fantastic way to get into your next new or used vehicle, so stop dreaming about driving a quality vehicle and make it a reality this year! Here we will take a brief look at some of the many benefits you will get from dealership financing at Revolution Auto Group.

Great Deals

Dealerships tend to offer far better rates than those of the banks; this is due to the fact that dealerships make their money by selling vehicles whereas the banks do so via high interest rates. You can often get extra incentives included with dealership financing as well, such as hundreds or even thousands of dollars cash back or 0% financing.

Fast and Convenient

With dealership financing you can find your ideal vehicle, get approved for financing and drive off in it the very same day. Banks on the other hand are well known for their painfully slow processes that can leave you waiting for days, weeks or longer.

You Don’t Need Perfect Credit

Dealership financing is designed to help almost anyone get into their next vehicle and while those with good credit will often get the best deals you don’t need perfect credit to be approved. If you keep up your payments dealership financing will even help to boost your credit rating within a matter of months.

Flexible Terms

Dealers will do whatever they can to accommodate your unique needs and lifestyle, so you are sure to find financing terms that suit you. You can often even renegotiate the terms of your agreement later on if you want or need to.

Drive Something Better

Utilizing dealership financing will mean you can afford to invest in a vehicle that will last more than just the next year or two, which will save you a small fortune on the cost of constant replacements. While you should stick to a budget you can comfortably afford, you may finally be able to get that great vehicle you have been dreaming of.

Here at Revolution Auto Group we have some of Western Canada’s finest selections of quality new and used vehicles and our flexible financing options make paying for them easy. Just give us a call, contact us online or drop by and let us help you find your new favorite ride today!