There is no better way to get an up-close look at what a vehicle can do than by taking it for a test drive, but to get the most out of that trial run you need to know which features and qualities to look for. Keep the following check list in mind when taking your next test drive.


Does the vehicle accelerate quickly or does it struggle to pick up speed? Try accelerating from a standing start as well as on the highway.


Can you clearly see the road out the front and rear of the vehicle? Are all of those important driving and navigation instruments visible as well?


How responsive are the brakes?


Is there plenty of room for all the people, tools or luggage you will need to fit in there?


How noisy is it inside the vehicle? Rattling sounds or strange noises will not only get annoying quickly, they can also be a sign of serious problems with the vehicle so listen carefully.


How comfortable are the seats? Can they be adjusted to suit your body? Will there be enough leg room for everyone on board?


Is it easy to get in and out of every seat in the vehicle? Keep in mind that running boards and side steps may be available as upgrades.


Does the vehicle have all of the features that you want and need? Are they easy to reach and operate?


Will the vehicle fit in your regular parking space? Will it be easy to navigate through the streets near where you live and work?


Will the look, feel and style of the vehicle suit your personality? What will your partner or clients think? Remember that there may be upgrades available offering different colours and even fabrics.

If you are in the market for a quality new or used vehicle you won’t find any better than those at Revolution Auto Group dealerships. To test drive one of our many great options today, give us a call, contact us online or drop by one of our conveniently located dealerships.