Winter is finally on the way out for another year which means it is time to give your vehicle some much needed attention, especially if you expect your ride to be at its best for all those summer adventures ahead. The best way to spring clean your vehicle is to take the time to do it properly and be sure that the following important tasks are all on your list.

Wash it

The first thing you need to do is to wash all that dirt, mud and salt off your vehicle, because the longer you let it sit there the more likely it is to lead to rust. Pay particularly close attention to areas where crud and dirt are likely to have accumulated, such as the wheel wells, bumper, front grille and the underside of your vehicle.

Switch the tires

As soon as the temperatures are topping 7°C on regular basis get those summer treads back on. Not only will their lighter weight mean you enjoy improved fuel efficiency but their harder rubber will stand up to warmer conditions far better than those soft winter tires.

Air it out

If stale air and nasty odours have accumulated in your vehicle over winter take steps to freshen things up by giving your ride a thorough airing out. For best results, wind down all the windows, hit the highway and don’t come back until those offensive smells are gone.

Empty it

Remove any garbage, mess and clutter from your vehicle ASAP as this will make it a lot more pleasant in there for you and your passengers as well as free us precious cargo space. If you still have any winter-specific tools and equipment on board, take them out and store them elsewhere; otherwise, you will be wasting fuel hauling that extra weight around.


Sucking up any crumbs, dirt and dust will do wonders for the way it looks and feels in there as well as improve the quality of the air dramatically. Take the time to reach all those hidden cracks and crevices, especially if you only do a thorough cleaning of your vehicle once a year.

Deal with rust

Closely examine the exterior of your vehicle for signs of rust, such as raised surfaces and bubbling, and if you find anything have a professional take a look ASAP because corrosion can and will get worse quickly.

Treat your leather

Ensure that any leather elements in your vehicle are ready to handle the summer conditions ahead by treating them with the appropriate products. Leather will look great for years if cared for properly but it will crack, split and fade if neglected.

Get a tune up

Have your mechanic give your vehicle a thorough inspection to make sure that it has made it through winter free from damage. Dealing with basic maintenance like changing the oil, replacing the air filter and topping up vital fluids will also do wonders to maximise your vehicle’s performance.

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