Must have apps for savvy drivers


It is amazing how far technology has evolved over the last few decades, particularly when it comes to phones and vehicles, and now these two very different industries are joining forces via an array of user-friendly apps. Having a little high tech help on the roads can make every drive a lot safer, easier and more enjoyable and the following impressive apps should be considered a must for any savvy driver with a smartphone.


This fantastic free app will save you a fortune over the course of the year as it will tell you the 10 nearest gas stations to you right now and what their current prices are, so you will always get the best deal possible. GasBuddy will even reveal a little about the additional services each gas station offers, for example, whether or not you can get a car wash or a tune up while you are there.

My Max Speed

If you are hesitant to let your kids drive your car because you are concerned that they will speed this handy app will put your mind at ease. Not only will it let you know how fast your vehicle is being driven, it will update you on its exact location every 5 minutes and you can even program it to alert you if your vehicle travels outside of a pre-set perimeter.

You can stay connected in your vehicle without taking your eyes off the road thanks to this brilliant app that is designed to read out incoming texts, emails and even social media messages for you. Simply turn on your app when you start your vehicle and it will read out any of those vital communications as soon as they come through.


If you have a problem with your vehicle when you are far from your regular mechanic or simply want to try somewhere new, this free app has you covered. Openbay will tell you where to find the nearest mechanics in your area and will even compare the estimated costs and time frames of each of your options as well.

Find My Car

Never again will you need to waste time searching for your vehicle in a packed parking lot or an unfamiliar part of town, because this free app will locate your ride in seconds. Find My Car uses GPS navigation to establish your vehicle’s location and will provide a fantastic extra line of defense if your ride ever gets stolen.


Staying in your lane will go a long way towards keeping you safe and this award-winning app uses your smartphone camera to monitor your lane position for you. iOnRoad even watches out for potential hazards and uses both audio and visual cues to warn you of any imminent danger.


Boasting over 50 million users, this free app is the ultimate tool for outsmarting traffic as it provides live updates regarding the very latest road conditions. Utilising a high-tech voice assisted navigation system, Waze will get you through even the most congested streets by suggesting the best routes possible and it will even tell you if a friend or family member is headed to the same destination.

As amazing as modern apps may be they are still no substitute for a quality vehicle and if you are in the market for a stylish, safe and affordable ride you won’t find any better than those at Revolution Auto Group dealerships. Check out our impressive selection of new and used vehicles online or drop by your nearest Revolution Auto Group dealership today.