10 Things you didn’t know about Hyundai


You have likely already heard about Hyundai’s reputation for building high quality vehicles; however, there is a lot about this highly successful company that may surprise you. The following are ten facts about Hyundai that you may not know about.

  1. Their main factory is HUGE!

Based in the city of Ulsan in South Korea, Hyundai’s main factory is one of the largest in the auto industry, taking up a whopping 5 million square metres! This factory is so large that it has its own hospital, port and fire station.

  1. They have a sister

Hyundai and KIA are considered sister companies, often sharing technical knowledge and in some cases even factory space as well; however, despite this very friendly relationship Hyundai and KIA are independent brands that regard each other as competitors.

  1. More than just an H

The slanted H of the Hyundai logo is designed to represent two people shaking hands; one being a satisfied customer and the other a Hyundai company representative. The circle surrounding the H represents the global aspirations of this ever-ambitious company.

  1. Celebrities love Hyundai

Some of the world’s most famous celebrities are known to drive Hyundai vehicles, including Psy (singer of ‘Gangnam Style’), Ron Artest (former LA Laker), Jeff Bridges (Oscar winning actor) and Snoop Dogg (world famous rapper).

  1. Laying down roots in ‘Bama

While Hyundai is well known for its South Korean heritage, its first manufacturing plant in the United States was established in Montgomery, Alabama back in 2005.

  1. Top Safety Picks

Hyundai had three vehicles named Top Safety Picks by the highly respected Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in 2016; they were the Sonata, the Genesis and the Tucson.

  1. Setting eco-friendly standards

This forward-thinking company was the first to create a hydrogen powered car. Hyundai engineers did so by using a combination of compressed hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity to power a fully electric engine.

  1. Europeans can’t get enough of them

90% of all Hyundai vehicles are sold in Europe, although this popular brand is starting to catch on in a big way in North America lately.

  1. Ready for anything – even zombies!

Looking for a vehicle to survive a zombie apocalypse in? Hyundai has you covered, as they recently teamed up with the creators of ‘The Walking Dead’ to build several amazing Zombie Survival Machines!

  1. More than just a car maker

While most people know of Hyundai as the maker of quality cars Hyundai also produce a wide range of other vehicles too, including vans, trucks and construction vehicles.

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