To get the best possible return for your vehicle it needs to be turning heads for all the right reasons, which means paying attention to details large and small. For best results, focus on those same qualities you would look for in a new ride yourself and keep in mind that you will likely recoup any money you invest by way of an increased trade in value. The following are a few of the easiest ways to boost the value of whatever you drive.

Deal With Major Issues

Taking care of any major issues with your vehicle will prevent them from overshadowing all of those other great things about your ride. Have any significant dents and scratches fixed, replace anything that is broken, and if any of your vehicle’s key components are due to be replaced, such as the tires, the brakes or the battery, have them dealt with before getting your vehicle appraised.

Invest in Detailing

Professional detailing will have your vehicle looking new in a hurry and will therefore add a significant amount to its trade in value as well. A comprehensive detailing package will usually include washing and polishing every inch of the exterior as well as vacuuming, cleaning and deodorising the interior, making it an investment well worthwhile.

Add the Right Features

Adding a few features to your vehicle can boost its trade in value significantly, the trick is choosing the right ones. Focus on elements that improve visibility, handling, safety or convenience, such as upgrading the wipers, tires, headlights or even investing in a remote starter. Making it easy to keep the interior clean is also a savvy move, so consider adding protective mats, liners or even seat covers.

Keep Good Records

Prove just how well you have cared for your vehicle by providing comprehensive records regarding all of the work you have had done on it over the years. Having evidence of regular care and maintenance will not only reveal how well you have looked after your ride; it will show just how long it has been since all those major components were last replaced.

At Revolution Auto Group we take great pride in offering quality new and used vehicles to suit every style and budget, and you won’t get a better return on your trade in anywhere. To have your vehicle’s trade in value appraised contact us today!